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Originally Posted by LisaP View Post
Same here, other than the age of the TV. And, my son has to show me how to use the DVD player.

For the most part, my husband and I watch the classic movie channels, especially if there is a Hepburn-Tracy movie airing. I tend to catch more recent releases when traveling on airplanes. I'm not one for going to the movie theaters anymore.
Maybe you should give it another try like I did. I quit going because I didn't have the time and it could be annoying. I love it now when I get to go. Nothing like seeing a really good movie on the big screen with high tech sound. I can do without all the previews though. The one for Tron 3D actually rattled my bones it was so loud! Our theaters are not that crowded in the off season for matinees and it actually makes for an enjoyable experience most times. Would I go during Thanksgiving or Christmas time?...No.
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