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I agree. My cruises on the Holiday were made great because of the exceptional crew. I heard from the crew that the ship attracted the best of the best because it had larger crew cabins than the rest of the ships.

This last cruise on the Fantasy was one of my best if not the best because of the crew being so nice to me. You know they all talk about the new passengers in the crew mess and bar. I can't help but to think that Edward (long time crew friend) told them to be extra nice to the red headed guy with a platinum card. They all surely were. I was practically treated like Carnival royalty by the bartenders and the casino staff. Even the Cabin Steward went above and beyond normal with service. Having the Cruise Director take the time to personally say hi to me and chat topped it off. The staff and crew definitely can make a cruise.

I had enough money budgeted to go on the Dream. Instead I am going back on the Fantasy.