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The only way the math works on mine was for them to do 7 points per c.c and then add 3 bonus points since I started at 5 c.c's. At any rate, C&A or not, I will still take the RCCL brand. However, I might be more inclined to go with other brands now that the Diamond goal line has been moved so far away. I still think any significant changes such as this should apply to all new people signing up. At least this way, you would know the rules before you started and would not have a leg to stand on as far as complaining. Since it is Superbowl time, to me this is like going from 1st and goal inside the 10 with 5 minutes to play to being 1st and goal on the 50 yard line. The prize is the same, just gotta go farther to get it and it doesn't matter that you played the rest of the game under normal rules.

Anyway, I've said my 2 cents about it and now I'm done. It is what it is as they say.

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