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Originally Posted by tim c View Post
We have always brought some little bottles of Coke and have packed them in our checked bags.. Have they changed the rules to make us put them in our carry-on? My wife insists to still leave them in our checked bags.. She does'nt want to haul any carry-on. What will Carnival do if they find 8 bottles of coke in the checked bags? 6 DAYS!!
Yes, they want you to put them in the carry on's now. I have no idea what they will do if they find them. I don't think they are overly strict about soft drinks and water though. If they show up as something suspicious and the luggage is locked, they will inform you to come open it.

I've always done the same thing too as they didn't used to have caffeine free Diet Coke. This last time I got a back pack with wheels and carried on my 8-pack of water just in case.

It can be subjective I hear depending on the port and the screeners. My best advice is to follow the new rules and carry-on your allowed liquids. That way you have no worries.