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Default just a question
last year we went on carnival and well we really dont like it any more because it was our 5th with the line and the food went down also the ship was not very cleen i have looked into 3 cruise lines (we want to go to alaska)
the cruise is going to be my friend and i and we r both bringing our sons so over all its going to be 2 adults late 40s and early 50s and the 2 boys 16 and 17 the lines we hav been looking at are celebrity,norwegian, and princess

so im just looking for the opinion of others becaus this is what we are looking for on the trip

good food (the kids dont like alot of fish) so they need something good to(pasta dishes, steak) also a good selection in the buffet they like the ships pizza and world food(from other countries)
a very cleen ship(on carnival you could see greesy fingerprints everyware and it didnt even look like they cleened the lido deck at all)
friendly crew
good night time shows
and lastly things to do on the ship so no one is bored when we r on the ship.