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Default Elation vs. Fascination
Hey everyone!

I just booked my second and third Carnival cruises...a back-to-back on the Elation out of Mobile (since I live in Ocean Springs Mississippi which is only 45 minutes from the port) and was wondering about the ship.

I was on the Fascination out of Jacksonville in November and really enjoyed it. I am under the impression that these two are sister ships and was wondering just how similar they really are. After speaking with the Carnival representative on the phone, it sounds like both ships have been through the most recent upgrades, but I figured that one of the experts on here might have a little more information.

The other questions I have are regarding the whole process of doing a back-to-back. How exactly does it work? will we have to get off the ship to go through customs? Will we already have our sea pass cards for both trips or will we have to go through the line to check in again? How much time will we have on our port day in Mobile?

Since we have been to Mobile many times, I suggested that we may be able to drive home to check on the house and do some basic laundry to help save on packing, but it seems that I am being overruled on that one. Just curious...would that seem weird to be home for a few hours in the middle of your cruise?

Once again, thanks for all of your help!