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Originally Posted by alfred View Post
I am booked on the same Cruise for February 19th. I was really excited until I read this post. I was going out of Baltimore to save airfare. I was thinking things might have warmed up by the time we got to Florida. This does not look encouraging.
Hi Alfred,

Just got off the Jan 17-29 cruise (EOS). We chose Baltimore to save money and give us the chance to experience a 12- cruise. The route goes further south so it was bound to be warmer, but on the first and last two days (closer to Baltimore, Florida and Bahamas) it was better than we expected. Shorts were on by the afternoon of our first sea day and even on the morning of the last. We were told that the seas are usually rough as one travels out into the ocean from Baltimore as well as on the return, but every crew member we spoke to remarked that it was calmer than in the past (although many people were VERY green on the first and last day). It really IS the luck of the draw. There's a little bad news though: The fantastic Captain Rob (you could have heard a pin drop when he gave his daily reports) mentioned that the Jan 29 cruise would be his last for a few weeks so he will probably be on vacation when you're on board. There's lots of good news though...I would travel out of Baltimore again any time. Our park & cruise hotel (The Fairfield Marriott White Marsh) was fantastic, the shuttle was on time both ways and the terminal staff at Baltimore processed a huge crowd quickly and with a smile. We had the same experience on our return. The Enchantment is looking a little older and is due for dry dock in April of next year but she's kept very clean and the staff is fantastic. If the weather is cool I'd recommend spending time in the Schooner bar with Freddie and Jimbo or Boleros with Vijay because they make everyone feel like a VIP!!! Have a great trip!