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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
Our theaters are not that crowded in the off season for matinees and it actually makes for an enjoyable experience most times. Would I go during Thanksgiving or Christmas time?...No.
I take this back after last Tuesday! The mall started advertising "Stimulus Tuesdays" on the LED Marquee. It was packed with Senior Citizens lined up out the theater doors and 100 or so foot down the mall waiting to get in.

There was no way I was going to get in in time to see True Grit and go through the outrageous concession line. I walked around and waited for the line to dwindle down. Ended up seeing "The Dilemma" which was pretty decent.

I am going to go down during lunch time tomorrow and pre-purchase my tickets for True Grit so I don't have to wait in the ticket line on Tuesday.

Next up for Netflix in the mail is "the social network".
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