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Default Flow Rider
I also went this past October (Different week than MCPayne)..There is a line..Pretty much basketball court, mini golf, flow rider and the "wall climber" (can't remember real name) is all in one area. I went with husband, was too windy (beginning of cruise) to do miniture golf. Did not want to do flow rider (I did take surfing lessons..Well 1 surfing lesson) So I knew what to do..kind of, BUT with everyone watching (in somewhat small area) I didn't want to look like an idiot and get laughed at..
Someone had mentioned if you fall you loose your turn and have to get back in line..TRUE. I just couldn't see myself doing that..Knowing I would only last a few seconds, maybe a little more if I did bodyboarding..laying down. I did watch..Not too many people lasted more a minute or so.

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