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Across from the port, you can rent mopeds for $40.00 a day. Two can go on one.Or a jeep for pretty cheap also. Rent one and head out!! Ride them around the enitre island. There are intersting stops along the way. If you head to the right from the port, you will hit beaches and beaches, keep going and you will find a bar at the corner!!! Its right on the beach and open. You can sit there have some nachos and a nice cold one. Continue on, and you find people on the side of the road selling some neat stuff for cheap. You will eventually end up in "downtown" and can park the moped and explore/shop. By the time you get back, you will be ready for a nice shower and dinner!! We have done this every time we go and have had a lot more fun then going on an excursion. AND the cost is A LOT cheaper!!! I hope you try this, and see how great it is. Have fun!!!
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