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Cool Freighter Cruising
I was just reading about freighter crusing. I have never considered it, or even heard too much about it. If the daily cost is $90-$130/day I don't see that as a real bargain. But what am I missing? Anyone here tried this?

From their web site:

Enjoy quiet days at sea in informal and casual surroundings. No crowds, no formalities just comfort, relaxation, sun, clean air, casual dress, and a small group of passengers who love freedom from clocks, to do what you want when you want. Normally the only scheduled activities are mealtimes.

Freighter Travel with Freighter World Cruises, Inc.

Regardless of the destination -- Around the World, the Orient, South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, South America, Europe, the Mediterranean -- you'll find spacious, well furnished outside cabins with private facilities. Most ships have a lounge with upholstered furniture, a library with a selection of reading materials, a small pool and good deck space.

Freighter travel is still the best cruise value, with fares typically ranging from $90 to $130 per day. The majority of freighter cruises range in duration from about 30 to 75 days, but some are 2-3 weeks and some are longer.