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Originally Posted by peter l View Post
Great topic and very timely as for our last couple of cruises I have done my own homework and booked directly with the cruise line. I found that locally, the travel agencies that I worked with did not do much for me during the process and I found that I had to call them to take advantage of reduced cabin prices each time..I felt if I had to do the work myself it wasn't worth the hassles. On one occassion, the agent quoted me a price for 2 for our cabin, only to call back two days later to tell me a different price? Not only that but it had been backed up by an email for the agency. I found that a little difficult to swallow, but did.
I think I will take a look at CLIA and see what comes up for my area or perhaps talk with some other local cruisers to see what they are doing.

Peter, Since we don't have all the information on your situation above, it is hard to determine what actually happened. However; if your TA quoted you a price on Tuesday and you didn't book and deposit at that time; then it very well could be a different price two days later. In fact; it can even be a different price an hour later.
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