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Just got back from Bi-Lo, what a nightmare trying to buy wings that were on sale! I finally went and got the manager (whom I know) and told him. He went back and gave the meat dude what for and told him to give me what I wanted. It wasn't that complicated - 8lbs. of equal portions wings/drumettes.

If I don't make my wings for tomorrow, I'll have some disappointed guests. I got a case of Coors Light and a case of Bud Light. If they need more than that they should bring their own! Boss man is letting me borrow the 55" LCD from work with the stipulation I better not break it! I still have to go to Chili's tomorrow and pick up a spread of appetizers the manager (former employee) was kind enough to give me a super deal on.

Game on! and Revenge time condo neighbors!

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