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Default Didnt care for belize
Originally Posted by alexandra cruiser View Post
once you leave fenced in Port area,,its not a safe place to wander on your own,,,at least I wouldnt,,,,we booked zip line tour and airboat,,,2 different...and bus took you to area,,,the beaches near the port,,,or should I say,,,lack there of,,,the ocean looked dirty and not a place to swim,,etc....really,,not one of my favorite ports,,,sorry....and just my opinion...
didnt care for belize the monment we got on tender, the water was dirty from the start.We went to some beach by speed boat 20 minute away, didnt care for it at all. I couldnt wait to get back to ship. If I was on a ship that stop in belize again, I would not get off the ship.They tryed to sell us weed and any thing else we wanted.
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