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Default Celebrity vs. Princess
Just returned from 11 nights on the Celebrity Millenium, with our previous 2 cruises on the Crown Princess and Emerald Princess. Since comparison questions come up a lot I'll offer this comparison for those who are interested, but keep in mind it's just 3 ships and others may have a different experience.

Getting on and off the ship: This pertains to embarking, disembarking and daily stops. Celebrity gets the highest marks here....we were on the ship day one in a matter of minutes and there were never any lines when we made stops. Princess was good on the first and last days, but we ran into large crowds on excursion days and had to wait in hallways. Advantage - Celebrity.

Staterooms: Both had nice staterooms but Celebrity's shower area was almost 3 times larger. Somewhat noisy early AM on Celebrity..woke us up at 5 almost every day. Edge - Celebrity.

Food: Sit down dinners on both were very good to excellent, depending upon what you ordered, but Princess had many more excellent nights. The alternate buffet on Princess changed every night while Celebrity buffet had the same food every night. Princess has a large food quality advantage on the buffets as well. Celebrity buffets serve you; Princess you serve yourself. Grills were both good; Celebrity fish and chips (just a couple of hours a day) was excellent, pizza fair at best. Advantage - Princess.

Staff: Great staff on both ships....greeted all the time by everyone you pass. No advantage.

Bar: Prices for alcoholic drinks are more on Celebrity and they have far fewer staff walking around on deck taking orders. Most of the time we had to go get our own drinks. Advantage - Princess.

Island Hours: Celebrity gave at least a couple of hours more on many stops which allowed us to do full-day excursions with our own guides. Big advantage - Celebrity.

Pools: Princess had fresh water pools and more of them; Celebrity's pools had salt in them but I don't know if it was ocean water or just treated with salt for sanitation purposes. Same for the hottubs. Advantage - Princess.

Theater Entertainment: Celebrity productions were far more intense - an excellent show every night; good comics. Advantage Celebrity.

Musicians: The roving musical groups were good on both ships, but the ones on Princess were much more polished. Advantage - Princess.

Movies: Small but comfortable indoor theater on the Millenium, but Movies under the stars on Princess is really a treat. Both played recent movies. Advantage - Princess.

No review on excursions since we book independent of the ships.

OVERALL: The time on the islands gets a lot of weight for us, and for that reason we'll go back on Celebrity. If Princess can extend their stays however, we'd prefer to go with them. Overall, one line isn't clearly better than the other.

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