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This is just my opinion and whatever you take from this review is only meant for your information, as you know everyone sees things differently, that being said, let’s start.
We flew from Boston to Tampa on Saturday due to possible weather and did not want to take the chance of” missing the boat” we stayed at the Tampa Sheraton Riverwalk, about 2 miles from the ship terminal, The cab ride from airport to hotel was a flat fee of $25.00 for the 4 of us, a great hotel, food was fine would highly recommend it for a overnight stay.
At 11:30 we took the free shuttle form hotel to ship terminal. Luggage handlers took our bags {$1.00 per bag tip} as we started the embarking process. We were in a long line of fellow cruisers and Much to my surprise, we were all through and having our first of many photos in less than 40 min, all went smooth , staff at the port were awesome pleasant , and this went real smooth, ( remember to preprint fun pass, luggage tags, and ship sign and sail information)
Off to deck 9 for lunch at 2 pm , We then bought fountain cards for the 4 of us,( unlimited soda all week ) and a coffee card (for 5 coffee drinks,) then we went to see our cabins #7182+7184 As we were a family of 4 with 2 child ages 11& 19, we had 2 connecting cabins, this was a good thing 2 TV’s & 2 Bathrooms, was a great thing , kids room had 2 twin beds, our room had 1 “queen” , and both had nice decks.
After the mandatory emergency drill which lasted only 15 minutes, it was time to head to dinner, back to room to change into long pants and off to dinner we went our setting was at 6 pm and we were at table 422, Staff of dining room was second to none, assistance matrdee was a wonderful woman who made it a issue to make sure my daughter was happy and things were ok with her daily, Food was great, options were many.. The vegetables were on cool side a few times, but not an issue with us, I will finish this part about food with 2 words Melting cake.
As we set sail on Sunday night as we set sail we walked around and found the lay of the ship, once you figure which elevators go where it is a breeze. We spent time at the piano bar, Another lounge with a 5 piece band , “Missy” who was the Karaoke DJ left us wanting more, last cruise was with “Boston Rob” and he set the bar high and we were disappointed in Kerokie,
“Jen” was our cruise director, she did a good job, entertainment was Awesome, there was a comedian named Happy Cole who was the funniest thing I ever heard, all the shows were fabulous,, juggler was great, all the entertainment staff did a great job, and they awarded many 24 karat gold ship on a sticks., Newlywed game was not for under age 16, as questions were of adult nature,
Our first Island was Cozumel and we went to the playa mia Beach resort, a short bus ride and you are there, very nice place, and open bar for those who wish, lots to do, climbing rock in water, and motorized water sports for those who wish to rent.

Our second Island was Belize, this is a stop where you have to “tender” the ship stays about a mile out to sea and boats transport you to and from the ship. We went snorkeling, Goff’s Cay very nice island water was a little rough but that is not anything they can control… Snorkeling was ok, in my opinion there were way too many people every time you moved someone was kicking or bumping into you snorkeling guides tried to keep everyone in a group and was just way over crowded. The actually island of Belize is dumpy I was not impressed with the island,
Out Third Island was, Costa Maya we took another bus ride to Jungle Beach Break, a very nice place , food to buy was great, fairly priced, very restful day if that is what you are looking for,
Our final island was Grand Camen, where we went to the Stingray city sandbar & rum point Beach safari, this is a Must do,,,,, never thought I would say swimming with a stingray was fun but it was totally awesome, something for 4-100 to do, went to a private beach after which was very nice just to sit there and take in the view of the bright blue water.
Our 2 fun days at sea were nice, you have to get up early to put a towel on a chair if you want to be close to the pool by 8:15 am or you get what ya get. Food was great in the lido deck, many things to choose from, deli sandwiches are great, Ice Cream, fresh fruit. To a seven layer chocolate cake. Whatever you are looking for they have,
Sunday at 8 am we were off the ship, we were able to take out own bags off the ship with no help, pass custom’s, and Immigration quick and smooth.

All in all we had a great time, could not complain about anything, would go back next week if we could, If there are any questions about this cruise you have that I did not cover Please feel free to ask

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