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Question Celebrity Price Reduction Policy???
My wife and I are booked on a Celebrity cruise in March. We booked it early last fall. Since then the price has dropped $50 per person, although at one point it was $110 per person lower and since been raised back up a bit. When both my travel agent and I called to see about a rebate, we were told there was nothing they would do other than to move us from the front of the ship more toward the middle. This will be our 8th cruise and first on Celebrity. We chose it because we had heard good things about the line and the itinerary goes some islands we have never been to before. My issue is that every other cruise line has either given us either on-board credit or a rebate when the price dropped, including Royal Caribbean. Celebrity was basically rude to us over the phone and were somewhat not happy that we would even think of asking for such a thing. My feeling is that since we were one of the first ones to be booked, we should not have to pay more than someone who waits until last minute to book. I certainly understand the need to fill the ship and the need for discounted fares, but fair is fair and this does not seem fair to me. Has anyone else had a similar experience, and if so what happened? Thanks for any responses.