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There are some cruise lines that have had a no-rebate policy for a long time, such as NCL, Silversea and others. As Cruise Fanatic noted, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity's no-rebate policy is more recent, but has been in place since May. They compare it to buying a suit in September, and bringing it back unworn in February to ask the store for money back because the suit's price has gone down since 5 months earlier. It's not gonna happen.

I've heard cruise lines say that the only way they'll refund money these days is if they also have the right to ask for more money, if the price of your category has gone up. The price of your category may have been as likely to go up as down. Those who wait until the last minute to book are just as likely to pay more on most cruises, be sold out of the category they want, or have the least desirable cabin locations from which to choose. It's even more of a gamble than booking early with the possibility that the price may go down.

Once you're within the penalty period (as of final payment date), cruise itself is no longer being adjusted in price, no matter who booked it and when it was booked.

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