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Default passport cards versus bc/dl
I need advice. I know that having a passport book is the best travel document. I know that i can't fly home with a passport card, but due to unforeseen circumstances we just can't afford the books for all of our travelers. We were planning on just using certified bc and drivers licenses, but now having some anxiety over this. I am worried that at the port something will go "wrong" and our birth certificates will be denied although they did come from vital statistics of our state. Maybe I am just a worrier but...I am wondering in this situation will we be better off with the passport cards. I know that essentially these are the same as a birth cert. and dl in the fact that we can't fly with them, but we shouldn't be turned away from the port if we have the cards, right? I also read that in the event we were to need to fly home that having the card already would make it easier to obtain a book. Please let me know what would be best other than a passport book. oh we will be leaving and returning to miami and going to the eastern caribbean and I only have 3 1/2 months. HELP!!!!
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