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Default Is Disney worth it?
Hi Everyone! First off, thank you for helping us. We haven't ever been on a cruise before. Initially, I was interested in a Disney cruise. Just about everything I have read here and elsewhere has been positive. We have two kids, 8 and 15, so I thought a Disney cruise would a great experience for them. My wife and I like Disney stuff as well (although we're not HUGE fans).

Is a Disney cruise worth the extra money? A 7 night Caribbean cruise is roughly $3700.
I just got done browsing Carnival's site and it appears that a similar cruise thru them would cost half the Disney cost! Is it worth it?

Since we're new to cruises, we're not sure what to expect. I've read all about the Disney cruises and know there is a ton of stuff for the kids. We want to make sure there are plenty of great kid activities on board, not just a baby sitter.

Thank you for your opinions.
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