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Originally Posted by macmom111 View Post
I have a theory about the cards in the machines. it is so they can track you and your spending habits. if you dont spend big on the ship, you dont win big.
We were on a cruise once and there were 2 weddings on board. One bride with the big wedding won 1000.00 on the slots the Bride with the littlier wedding won 600.00 sounds like that was fixed to me. I think the winnings are also tracked to the type of room you book. expensive rooms, big win, cheap room, little win. Just my opinion
I've never really thought that. They do track your play as that is how you get points with the Club. I won $1600 on the $1 Wheel of Fortune machine on the Celebration once and was staying in an Upper/Lower cabin.

They do know what machine you are at during any given time I found out. They have this thing called "Slot-O-Prizes" were if you are playing during the specified time frame you can be randomly chosen to spin a big wheel for prizes. I kept hearing them call Dwayne to come up for something. I thought it was someone else because I hadn't entered any drawing. Finally the Hostess announces for the staff to go get Dwayne he is playing machine #xx. Well it was me as here came a posse of staff to get me. So now I am embarrassed so much that my face matches my hair as everyone is looking at me. I spun the "Slot-O-Prizes" wheel while being cheered on. I won a photo voucher. Whoppee!

I always sorta thought suspiciously about that though. Because I had met the Hostess and Floor Managers prior, and they all knew I was a long time Player's Club member and was on the returning member Guest list. There had to have been a few hundred people playing the slots, and for me to be chosen?

This man on the Fantasy last year had won $400 on a Quarter machine. He refused to put his card in to cash it out saying he was superstitious of putting the card in. So he said he was going to sit there and spin it all off instead. It took him 3 hours. I was hoping he would give up and walk away. Then I would have put my card in and cashed it out in a flash.

For information about the Carnival Player's Club look HERE.

Sorry for the long post, but I know some of you enjoy my true stories I post on rare occasions.