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While the slots are connected via the network, the machine are made by the same companies that make machines for Vegas and other land based casinos. Technically you could create a machine capable of this, however, to have machines with special software that would allow the cruise casinos that much control over the payouts would be impractical. So no, I don't believe they would bother with making the machines "money spent on the cruise" aware.

Dwayne's story of being picked for the prize wheel because he is a Player's club member is MUCH more likely to be a case of rigging as the host can easily determine which players get put into the pool of names to be picked.

Slot players are (well ok... all gamblers I guess) superstitious by nature and the randomness can lead to all kinds of patterns that make it look like something could be fishy, but there is also a lot of losing going on by those people in the more expensive cabins that no one notices.....
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