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Take the cab, the water taxi is not very safe. The cab ride is $4 or $5 dollars, can't remember exactly. You can buy admission to the museum. We got a tour through one of the vendors at the terminal. He got us into the aquarium and even to places we weren't supposed to go. He charged us $20 or $25/pp and took us to Atlantis and to the Queen's staircase and to a fort. We did get to see a lot of the local areas, too. There is a free beach adjacent to Atlantis (Cabbage Beach). I think you can buy a pass to use the pools, but not the water park, but not sure. I don't think they sell passes for the water park area. If you stay in the hotel across the street, you can use the facilities. Don't know if you can buy a half day room there or not. We just walked around Atlantis and the aquarium, but didn't go to the beach since we were on the tour. I have just taken a cab over and spent some time on the beach and gone back to the ship. The straw market is right near the dock. There's a Carlos n Charlies and a Senor Frog near too.