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Originally Posted by macmom111 View Post
well if it is not to track spending habits, then why are they pushing so hard to get people to insert the card in the machine. I dont think it is just so they can reward points.
It is to track your spending habits. Just those in the casino though. Another reason they push to put the card in is because they want people playing to get use to the player banking system. This is in part is for labor cost savings. Notice you don't see people in the casinos filling up the machines with coins anymore. No people carrying up buckets of coins to be counted and cashed in anymore. No stacks of rolled coins at the cage anymore.

Another reason is the psychological part of the point count to get you to play more. In the case of the new "On Us" Drink Program I am sure it will work to do just that. "Honey, give me another $20, I almost have enough points to get free drinks".

And since the card is only good for free drinks "while playing in the casino" I'm sure some folks will play more to get the free drinks. Not saying everyone that plays indulges in libations, but a good many do.

Just my opinion of it after admitting to spending alot of time in the casinos.