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Originally Posted by hugs516 View Post
I want to use separate money at the casino not my sail & sign card. How do i do this and still get player reward points.
This is what I do as well. To add to what Jim said, I find it easier for me to just put bills in the machines as I go. First, put your S&S card in a slot machine and set up your PIN number. Insert your bill. Play with what you like. If you want to move to another machine or quit, press the "Cash out to Player Bank" button. This will deposit any remaining credits to your Player Bank. This is completely separate from your S&S account. As long as your S&S card is in the machine during play you will get points.

You then have a choice of putting more bills in or getting money from your Player Bank. Just don't use the option of getting money from your S&S account.

Don't forget your card in the machine! I lost 3 cards on one cruise once! The Host/Hostess or Floor Staff can attach a Bungee cord to your card for you.

Also as Jim said, don't forget to cash out your Player Bank the last night. You can also cash it out at any time at the Cage. Take your S&S card to the Cage and tell them you want to cash out. They have a key pad there to enter your PIN number. Don't leave money in your Bank the last night or you will be waiting a long time to get it! Last I heard it was taking 6 - 8 weeks for them to mail a check.

A word of advice about the Casino and Machines - Sanitize your hands frequently! I take Wet Ones or a bottle of sanitizer with me. In case you forget they have alcohol wipes at the Cage.

As they say at the Cage..

Good Luck!