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Friend and I (24 & 27) just got off the Constellation a few weeks back [Southern Caribbean SJU 3/6/04] and had such an enjoyable experience that we just booked 13-day transatlantic on Sept 7th out of Dover.

I have sailed two Western Transatlantics before on the QE2; however, we went straight across to New York. My question: 1)What weather should we anticipate being as far north as we will be sailing (Iceland) in September and 2) should I anticpate the ocean being as choppy as it was when I crossed a couple years back in December?

I, personally, enjoyed the excitement of hitting a storm [30 ft waves] on the 3rd day out and hearing the china smash in the cabinets as we ate in the Coronia Resturaunt. But, still curious if the ocean is as rough in September as I know it is in late fall and winter.

Also, there were many lecturers on the QE2 during the sea days. Does Celebrity take the same approach with occupying peoples time on this tranny's?

Appreciate the info!

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