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Default Looking for input on Nickelodeon Cruises on Jewel - NY to Bahamas
Hi Cruisers!

We are contemplating a cruise right when school gets out June 4th with our 7 and 10 year old boys. (Port of NY, going to Bahamas and Florida). We have sailed Carnival 5 times and I am more than ready for a change. Looking to step up the quality level a bit. Am I looking in the right place?!

I thought the NCL's Nickelodeon feature might be good for the boys as it's a little more their speed age-wise - sponge Bob and all. I just can't seem to find anyone who has reviewed it! I like some of the other itineraries better, but this itinerary has the Nickelodeon theme. (So any raves or watch outs on the ports might help too!)

Also, if you have been on the Jewel, how is the smoke level? I am highly sensitive to it, but can't really afford a smoke-free cruise, and there aren't that many options.