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There has been discussion from time to time on the Princess forum about last-minute deals: do they ever really offer them if you have signed up for notification? Well, I just received my first truly last-minute deal offer: 7 day "Classic Southern Caribbean" cruise on Caribbean Princess, r/t from San Juan for $329 inside, leaving--are you ready?--March 7th. That's $47 a day for a Princess Cruise. Now, I suspect that Tortola and Antigua being two of the ports probably has something to do with it; bookings could have been thin to begin with, and there may have been cancellations due to the recent accident. But even if you didn't get off the ship--what a deal!

I could never justify the air fare from the left coast to Puerto Rico for a 7 day cruise; but for someone with easy access to San Juan, who can cruise on short notice, what an opportunity.


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