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Default Need assistance please on change of plans with RC
Through Royal Caribbean website, I set up a cruise for daughter and I. I did as the web site said and about day 53 found out no available flights to Miami were available in the time frame available to us to travel. I asked RC to transfer package to same ship later in week and they said I would have to pay $200. cancellation fee. But we aren't effectively cancelling just asking to go four days later. Now we are "in between" cruises with me trying to persuade RC to give $200. credit for new cruise without buying it yet not knowing about the original cruise. I also can't lock in to airline flights now for the 2d cruise.

I contacted their customer service person who despite my very polite email, simply repeated what the website said. I know RC is not taking a lost on this. In addition, I'm trying to follow the website about what to do first, second, etc , it actually listed transportation as the last of five major things to do for a cruise. I have rewritten the customer service person again but I guess the administrative offices are closed on weekends. I need to cut "to the chase" as this is personally causing me great anxiety and my daughter has begun to lose confidence in me that her daddy (me) can't seem to get this "right" either. Any intervention would be most appreciated. Thanks.