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Originally Posted by PA Steve Rocky Mount View Post
we are taking the Caribbean Princess out of San Juan. It sails at 11PM . It says boarding starts at 2, but most ships say that anyway. I usually get there around noon. I always look upon boarding day as the first day of your cruise, because as we all know, the last day they are going to give you breakfast...and throw you off!!

What time will they let you start boarding in San Juan? And will wearing my Commodore pin get me on quicker?
I would get on board as soon as possible, grab a quick lunch & go to the San Cristóbal fort. There's plenty of time to explore the ship some other day. If you want to do any shopping, do it before you get back on the ship in the evening since all the shops close down after 6PM & there's not much open. Platinum & Elite do get to board first if you happen to be waiting to board.
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