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Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
Rick, I saw a movie yesterday and didn't even think to look at my watch. It's "The King's Speech" and it was excellent. At 111 minutes, I was sure going in I was going to get bored. Not even for a second. In fact, when I got home, I looked up all the figures portrayed in the movie, refreshed my memory about some and learned a lot about many others. I highly recommend the movie.
And the winner is...Colin Firth for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The King's Speech for Best Movie! Well deserved IMHO. I was starting to think that the The Social Network might be a contender for the best movie award.

Mark Wahlberg also did an amazing job in The Fighter and could have been a contender (pun intended) for Best Actor. He has certainly came in to his own as a fine actor. His co-stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams both won for Actor and Actress in a Supporting Role for The Fighter. I can highly recommend the movie.

Have to say I enjoyed the Oscars this year more than any recently. Most likely because I had seen the movies. Several of them on the Big Screen. The hosting was a little lacking. I think they should bring back Billy Crystal.

Hope to see you at the movies or on a cruise ship soon.
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