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Originally Posted by jargey3000 View Post
Reserve for the shows? I thought you just "showed up"?
and any tips on liquor? wine? all I hear is that $$$ takes the fun out of this aspect of cruising?
It is strongly recommended that you book shows online before your cruise. They open them up for booking around 90 days before sailing. You just sign into your account on the Royal Caribbean website and access your booking. You can book lots of stuff there. Shows, specialty dining, excursions. You can also buy soda, juice, or bottled water packages. Having a reservation means you won't miss the shows you want to see. They have to do this since "just showing up" doesn't work when you have 6000 passengers and limited seating in the venues.

Do not take any alcohol aboard the ship. It is against the rules and they do search for it in luggage. You can buy wine packages on board which offer some savings. They do not have a liquor or beer package, but they do have a drink special each day. Drinks are not cheap, but they are priced like any land-based resort or luxury hotel.