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Welcome, bbuffy2000! We're a family of three who sailed on Carnival Victory a few years ago. I love this class of ship as the standard oceanview cabins are large enough to accommodate us all. In addition to the two main beds (that can be pushed together), there is a convertible sofa bed that offers additional seating. I like that the cabins are low in the ship as I enjoy being close to the water. The windows don't open, so there's no chance of water coming in, yet we do like the light. And, the cabin is much larger than an inside. We prefer Deck 2, as we get first dibs on the atrium elevators going up, and second dibs on the others. It's also only one or two decks away from a lot of the action.

I wouldn't bother with a balcony as I'd rather spend the $ on shore. Yet, I do recommend a standard oceanview on this ship as it gives you more space. Even so, I saw a few inside cabins and they certainly looked comfortable for two.

Let us know what you decide.
Happy cruising!