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I love balconies, but if it means not being able to enjoy shore excursions or go on a cruise at all, inside is fine with me. Ocean views are very nice, but if I'm going to pay for that, I'll go ahead and get a balcony. I absolutely love going out on the balcony and watch the sun rise or set without having to worry about being dressed properly. I can be in my pjs

I just got back from the NCL Sky and had an inside. I still woke up at 4am, went out on deck and walked, then came back and got ready for breakfast. I had no problems with the inside and it saved a ton of money. However, I was sailing solo, so I basically have to pay for another person, just not the port tax. My hubby and I are doing the Mexican Riviera in December, and we will have a balcony. He snores, so it's nice to have the door ajar and listen to the waves against the ship to help drown out the snoring, LOL. It's a poor excuse, but it does work

Whatever you decide, you'll have a marvelous time!