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Welcome home, Peterl, it sounds like it went well. I am sorry about the confusion in the dining room, and even more sorry that they were rude about it. I know I have said more than once that the service on board Princess is always great, so I do feel really bad about that.

I'm very glad that you enjoyed the pizza, the closest I've had has been on Costa. Everyone elses' is good, but not as good as Princess. I am glad you tried Sabatinis, sure hope everyone was hungry. I just couldn't eat all that food. I enjoyed the Crown more, because there wasn't so much served.

Half Moon Cay is my favorite private island, but Princess Cay is my second. I haven't been there in a while and won't get there this year, either. I guess they haven't changed it much. They seemed to be able to accomodate everyone easily, even on the Emerald. You're right, though, it does take a while to tender everyone. There's some pretty good snorkeling there, too.

I know you'd rather be anywhere but home dealing with the cold and snow! Our weather man mentioned that four letter word this morning as possible on Sunday. We were in the 70s yesterday, 30s this morning, now they're talking about snow????? YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

I do hope that Princess didn't disappoint you and your family. I really feel they're great, but that's me. Of course, I enjoy other lines as well, but they're my favorite.

It sounds like y'all were supposed to have docked at Mahogany Bay in Roatan, was that where you were? Or were you at Coxen Hole? The first time I was at Mahogany was on the Valor and we had to back in. It took the pilot 6 tries before he got it, and he had to back in. I don't understand why Carnival didn't make that wider and deeper so the ships would have an easier time porting there.

Do you think you'll try Princess again? What was your favorite port?

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a wonderful review!!!
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