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You can wear shorts during the day, no problem. You will see those dressing up more at night with sports coat & tie, but collared shirts & dockers is acceptable. They also have a stricter smoking policy. Celebrity is a premium product. They have a sophisticated, relaxed ambiance. One of the things I love about Celebrity is the quieter atmosphere. They aren't blasting announcements all the time to "come on and play bingo", or "the art auction starts in 10 minutes". They leave it to you to read about it in the daily program. They aren't in your face all the time trying to sell drinks. Those that are used to the hustle and bustle on Carnival, NCL, and Royal Caribbean, may mistake Celebrities ambiance as boring; when it fact to many it is refreshing. There's plenty of activities on Celebrity, but they are geared toward enrichment. Such as computer classes, digital camera classes, wine tasting, Rosetta Stone language classes, and lecturers. They aren't playing loud games around the pool. The main production shows will be similar to those on other cruise lines. The newer Solstice class ships will have more activities, more shopping, and dining choices. The older Century (which I love), and the Millennium class ships are both very nice but somewhat smaller.