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Today, the weather is beautiful, but I'd still rather be on board a ship

I'm glad you'd give Princess another try. I didn't know that about Mahogany Bay's area. It doesn't surprise me, though. We did get to see some of Roatan both visits I went with my hubby. When I went with my friend, we just stayed at Mahogany Bay since they wanted so much for cab fare. Our last visit I spent some time just walking around the port area. You can definitely tell the economy is improving, but you know that it was a very poor area before the cruise ships arrived.

Have you done the southern route? Grenada is one of my favorite ports and Dominica is awesome for snorkeling. St. Maarten is a very nice, clean island, too. Trinidad and Tobago were fun to visit, but we didn't have enough time to explore properly. I'd love to go back to either one of those ports. I enjoyed Antigua, too. I'd love to get back to St. Croix one of these days. Dang, I guess I'm going to have to get a couple extra jobs

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