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Now that we have come down a little from our "high" (cruise high, Brad!) I'll give a bit of a review.

We cruised with four little people and their parents. Kids are 10, 8, 6, and 3. They loved almost every minute, especially Camp Carnival and the pizza! But the decor (artwork) on the PRIDE was not kid friendly. Man, their were people's private parts everywhere you turned. One of the boys asked what the "bumps" were on the mermaids. These are very modest kids!

Then the kid friendly comedian wasn't.

But we had the best wait staff ever, who were so accommodating and friendly with the kids. We even had a magician come to the table who knocked everyone's socks off!

The glass bottom boat in Freeport was cancelled due to rough seas so they were sad to miss the fish. No one got seasick though, even with 7 foot waves for a couple of days.

My DH loved the food, the cabin, the balcony, the food, the shows, the beach, the food, parasailing, the pool, the food, did I mention the food? He was a happy man. Best prime rib ever. I really was amazed at how happy he was. When I think of how much he DIDN'T want to go and now how much he wants to go back, I am truly amazed.