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Default NCL Nickalodean Cruise
Don't do it!! I just returned from their Feb. Nickalodean Cruise with my three granddaughters. I spent over $10,000 on two mini-suites and the trip was awful!! I have neve been on a cruise that was so disorganized. There were lines for everything - the kids spent more time waiting to see Sponge Bob, and get slimed etc. than doing anything else. Activities were poorly scheduled and overcrowded. And then there was the food. I am a frequent cruiser, usually on Celebrity Cruise Lines, where the food is outstanding. The food available in the free NCL restaurants was of very limited variety. To go to the other restaurants was an additional $10 to $25 per person per meal!! If you wanted a sit-down breakfast - you better be an early riser, becuase they were not available after 9:30 am. I could go on and on listing the problems, but I will just sum it up by saying - take a different cruise line!