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In MY opinion, and ONLY mine, as far as I'm concerned, RCL would loose NOTHING if it never went to Jamica again. Any time I have to be EXTRA careful while visiting a place that should bend over backwards to continue having such an income sorce as cruise ships, of any cruise line; well, I don't need to go there. I have been on three cruises which have gone to Jamica, and after the first time, we don't even get off the ship. In Cozumel, the Cankanab park is very nice, with a wadding area, and a small pool for the young children, and various dolphin encounters excursions. You do have to pay to get in ($20 I seem to remember), but the cab ride there and back is reliable and cheap ($14 comes to mind). At Grand Cayman, if you can, try sting ray city; it's great and a must by almost everyone standards.

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