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Hi Michelle,

I've been on the Jewel once and the Pearl 3 times and going to Alaska in May on her again....they are just about the same as the Gem...Wonderful ships...very sleek looking and a great ride. You will find the food in the free restaurants to be good to great. I really never do the pay extra because I find the main dining room to be very satifactory...but that is a personal preference.....There will be many things to do depending how much you want to get into the ship things.....We've cruised with NCL many times out of your 24 cruises, and found NCL to be a REAL value.....Some people have bad things to say about NCL, but some people are harder to please than others....Just go with a mindset that you won't be at home, someone will clean your room, and fix your food....can't get much better than that....Happy Cruising...

Bob E