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Default You guys are great.
Thank you all for your help. I'm taking everything you all said into consideration. I'm still very "iffy" on the Jamaica excursion, but I feel better about the other two because you all validated what I was thinking of doing. I've been to Jamaica once. I did the Dunns River. Fun and terrifying. I wish I could watch my family do it, but we have too many babies in tow. I bet the crowds are bad, too. Still trying to figure out what to do, but we might just wait until we get on the ship and get help from the staff there. I agree about the danger of Jamaica. My son is wondering if he can hook up a Wii to the old analog TV in his cabin. Anybody know? He's really good at figuring out how to do all that, but I don't want to get in trouble with RC. Thanks again, everybody.