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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
Had my math wrong with this. It is 1 point per $2.50 played on the Slots. I was thinking it was 1 for $1. I was wondering why my points were lower than what I thought they should be.

Anyways, to answer the question of how much do you have to spend...It depends on what is being considered as spending. I'll explain.

Say you put 75 cents in and won $4000 and then played it all out on the machines instead of cashing it out. The point count would have reached 1500 by then ($3750 in). This is commonly referred to as "playing on the house's money". In theory you would have only spent 75 cents of your own (out of pocket) money.

That's rarely going to happen in reality, and there are all kinds of mathematical scenarios to this. There is no definitive answer to the question due to the variables involved. The bottom line is to reach 1500 points on the Slots you need $3750 of play through.

Look HERE for the point accumulation details. They say "coin in". It doesn't actually mean putting a coin in. It means Credits played as well. The Ocean Player's Club has been a mess for many years concerning the details about Membership and Benefits. They spun off the Carnival player's to the Carnival Players Club a few years ago. The main Ocean Players Club is still the same though and is inclusive of Carnival Players. This was done due to the varying programs amongst the member Cruise Lines.
You may be right about your figures, and I am not a mathmatician, however, I know what I took for casino money ($800) and I left with almost $300. I finished the week with around 2000 points. Just thought you might like to know.