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Originally Posted by papa58 View Post
You may be right about your figures, and I am not a mathmatician, however, I know what I took for casino money ($800) and I left with almost $300. I finished the week with around 2000 points. Just thought you might like to know.
Thanks and I know. That is what I was trying to explain about play through. I've managed to get pretty close to 2000 points and still be pretty much even with money. It doesn't happen all the time though. It's been getting more difficult to find friendly machines. Heck, if I stay close to even I am happy as I just enjoy playing.

One reason my points have been lower the last few cruises is because I leave my card in one machine and will jump up and play some near by ones a few spins. Some of the machines still take quarters (or they did) so I get some and keep in a bucket for be-bopping. Since my card isn't in I don't get any points for that.

Congrats by the way! You were the first one to report back about getting the free drink card.