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Thanks Sandy. I am not sure if we will book or hoof it at this port. I did Google it (my Son would be proud of me...he work for them). They have a system called The Ride.. Does not sound like a bad deal.

Popcorn Pam, thanks for the reply. I have heard that Sitka is not the best port. After 4 times during Skagway we are ready for another port. We also preferred Skagway over the other ports. This photo was taken in 2009 as we were leaving. We stopped at Haines and watched the fireworks (4th of July). We got to enjoy fireworks twice that 4th. The first of in Juneau. Juneau is the first place in the Nation to set them off. The start a 1 second past midnight on the 3rd..or starting of the 4th..
2nd photo was from Juneau.

I hope I do not jinx myself but with 4 Alaska trips under our belts we had yet to have a rainy day. Our first time in Glacier Bay was cold and cloudy, but we could see.

Thanks again for all your help Sandy and Popcorn Pam.
Cruise Photos from Mexico and Alaska

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