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Dwayne, I agree! How many cruises can go to the Bahamas,,From charleston,Jacksonville,Port Canaveral,Miami.. That in my mind is too many. Plus the elation is an older ship and everyone wants to sail the newer one's.. Carnival did give Mobile a stab in the back. I feel bad with all the investment Mobile had put in and now are going to have nothing to show for it.. I certainly hope NCL or RCCL moves right in after Carnival packs its bags and moves on! Can Mobile handle a big ship? I wonder if this might be the move that eventually gets a ship out of Savannah. They are saying here that we are soppose to eventually get one.. I will never support a port in New Orleans! For certain reasons.. So I guess we will have to leave out of Charelston,thats a 51/2 drive.. Or tampa 8hrs.Flying is becoming a O% option.. SHAME ON YOU CCL!

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