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Originally Posted by PA Steve Rocky Mount View Post
I agree with what everyone said about the Port of Mobile. It was very nice and easy to negotiate for parking, getting in and getting out.

I also agree that the city probably made back the money on the port. I'm sure if it is a viable place to dock, other lines, particularly NCL and RCCL will take advantage of this.

Carnival is not the be-all and end-all of the cruise industry but they are the biggest for a reason and I'm sure this was a business decision. They have brought an awful lot of revenue to Mobile which the city should certainly be thankful for. They need to market it now for another cruise line.

And welcome to the couple from Evansville. I lived there for 12 years!! Worked for almost every TV and radio station there!!
I am just the opposite...

Mobile is by far the port I like the least because of the traffic nightmares we have encountered.

Sitting in backed up traffic on I-10 because the train is blocking the entrance for 20 minutes.

Being routed to the off site parking lot IN THE haul your luggage to the bus...then get it off the bus and give it to a porter. (with a child with thank you)

Even dropping off your luggage is a cluster with people getting off the ship or hauling their carry ons from the garage walking in front of you as you try to park to unload car stops in the lane for luggage and everyone is tied up until they move if there is another car in the other lane.....

We FINALLY learned the trick to arrive at 10:30AM and turn off onto that side road and come in from the back road....they allow VIP parking at avoid the cluster.

Even that hassle I would gladly put up with if a cruise line like Oceania came in......

but I vowed never again for a Fantasy class Carnival ship.....