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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
One section of Carnival's Official Press Release could be a little misleading saying "The two vessels are sister ships with largely similar features, amenities and staterooms." I guess unless you discount the Waterworks, Resort Style Pool, and Standard Balcony Cabins on the Ecstasy they are. It was a Big Deal when they added these new features.

The Elation is scheduled for Dry Dock 10/22/11-11/05/11

View Here.

Bringing the Elation to New Orleans with the Conquest, will return the New Orleans port to the SAME two kinds of ships it had pre-Katrina.

The Sensation did not have all the bells and whistles and did just fine out of New Orleans.

The Elation is by far the prettiest ship of the Fantasy class....and my favorite even without the balconies and waterpark .....