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Are you listening to yourself???

Carnival has to get "approval" from Mobile for their every business move????

Do you realize that the Port Canaveral discussion with Carnival was about the ECSTASY...not the ELATION!!!

Why does Carnival have to get Mobile's permission to discuss moving a ship from GALVESTON TO PC????

That is ridiculous.

Once the PC official leaked Ecstasy's move.....Carnival went ahead and announced ALL the changes.

Again...if you want to be mad at mad at the Mobile cruisers that DID NOT PRODUCE.

Don't be mad at a cruise line that GAVE MOBILE 24 MILLION dollars in improvements AND 6 years of free advertising and promotion.....

And what did Carnival get in return.....LESS MONEY out of those cabins.

Sounds like Carnival is the one that should be mad at Mobile for failing Carnival so miserably.