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Originally Posted by Dave View Post

Who said they needed permission from Mobile? I didn't. All I'm saying is Carnival should have made it clear to Mobile that if revenues didn't improve they would be taking the Elation to another port. By all accounts that didn't happen. It's called being ethical. You know, corporations can be ethical and not just look at the bottom line and then suddenly cut the cord.

This is getting tiresome. Neither of us is going to change the other's mind. I liked cruising from Mobile, you didn't. I like Carnival but it isn't my favorite line. You are on the opposite end of that from me too. So we both have our prejudices. Let's just leave it at that.

But I will close by saying to other ports with one cruise ship (pick a cruise line)...don't get a comfortable with it. If you do you are setting yourselves up for a fall.

Carnival honored their contract with Mobile. PERIOD

No way did Carnival OWE Mobile a warning.

For one thing...why warn them?

There is NOTHING Mobile could have done to increase the cabin revenue. That is not in Mobile's power. Mobile can't order people who cruise there to spend more in the Spa or buy more Shore Excursions. Carnival could not raise the rates, because then the ship would not book up.

You think ETHICS are so important, but you have no problem falsely slamming Carnival without acknowledging all the facts?

My posts are not to change your mind. My posts are to object to irresponsible comments of an unreasonable and unprofessional nature. Carnival did not DUMP anyone.

IF anything, Carnival passengers paid for 24 million dollars in improvements for Mobile and all it got in return was unexceptable cabin revenues. Carnival could have been making a lot more money out of another port all these years. In fact, Carnival went PAST its contract period. (longer than they probably should have)

Mobile is the one who owes Carnival an apology for performing so poorly.

This isn't about liking or not liking Carnival. Sure they have been good to DJ ....but I am not married to them. I will tell people really quick what Carnival's faults are.

But for you to FALSELY accuse Carnival of doing something unethical WHEN THEY DID NOT on a public forum is unprofessional.

And again....all these other cruise lines that you like more than Carnival have done the SAME THING at some point in their business condemning Carnival while giving them a pass is hypocritical.

Guess it is ok that RCCL did not give California a "warning".....